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DIGITAL MEDIA: Visualisation


Abstract Canvas


Woodblocx Landscaping


WoodBlocX Landscaping approached us to create an animation that would showcase what could be achieved with their products in an urban setting to showcase its products to landscape architects across the UK and Europe.

The brief was to show a street level, podium level and rooftop level where WoodBlocX solutions work seamlessly within a wider landscape design. The setting needed to be a neutral, non-identifiable location so that it could be transferable across all markets. This entailed Abstract Canvas designing a unique city space to centre the project around and provide context. The design includes hero buildings at the head and on the left hand side of the space, and additional hard landscaping features to compliment the WoodBlocX products. 

Once the design of the space was complete, the team at WoodBlocX could then approach this landscape like any commercial project, responding to the site to create a bespoke selection of street furniture and raised planters to fit the location and enhance the space. 

The aim was to create “an Urban Sea of Green”, with everything sculpted around this idea. We designed the main public building at the head of the space to depict a ship on a green ocean, with the addition of a whale sculpture, alluding to a greener meaning of the public space that fit well with the sustainable nature of all WoodBlocX products.

The city was created with this animation in mind and a view of working our way through the space. We focused on highlighting the quality of the spaces that the WoodBlocX solutions facilitated rather than on the individual products themselves. It was important to show how the products could be used in addition to a wider more complex and varied landscape design response.