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GRAPHIC: Item of Self Promotion






Material is a creative marketing agency based in the heart of Glasgow, renowned for producing compelling, impactful work in sport, music and culture.

Having undertaken a values-based repositioning of the agency during the pandemic, we sought to reflect our emboldened proposition in a website – our ‘shop window’ so to speak.

It was important that the site was dynamic – an embodiment of the agency’s diverse work, people and clients, and a reflection of our values of creativity, togetherness and progression.

Working with Edinburgh studio MainlyPhotography and using Readymag’s design-focussed platform, we opted for a unique blend of vertical and horizontal scroll, creating continual movement and a sense of forward progression – characteristics which reflect the agency’s thirst for innovation and desire to cover new ground.

Copy was kept intentionally light while bold colours, imagery and animation were deployed throughout to keep users engaged and left wanting to discover more.

Acknowledging feedback from clients and industry peers, we also sought to showcase Material’s people and rich history of work across high profile brands, campaigns and events from Tennent’s Lager to the Olympic Games. With a staff of 15 and over 18 years’ worth of heritage work to call upon, it was a design challenge to do this justice while remaining true to the style and user experience of the rest of the site. An animated timeline feature allowed us to do both, calling out key milestones throughout the agency’s lifetime while introducing the faces behind the Material name.

We believe the resulting site is a true reflection of our agency personality and we’re delighted it’s been received positively by colleagues and clients alike.