RationAle – Impact IPA



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Bringing our proposition to life

Impact is at the heart of everything we do at Rationale - both for our employees and our clients. In Summer 2021, we rearticulated our proposition as ‘We create impact’ and refreshed our visual brand.

We brew impact

Playing on our name, we decided to brew a RationAle ‘Impact’ IPA, that would be hoppy, hazy, and full of flavour to mirror our proposition in a tangible way. ‘We create impact’ became ‘We brew impact’, and formed the basis of our campaign.

Our creative rationale

When it came to the RationAle ‘sub brand’, we wanted to strike a balance between keeping master brand recognition but also making sure the execution was distinct. Our label designs focus on circles that represent impact radiating from a focal point and the label has a custom shape, enhancing the ripple motif.

We also executed the campaign in a different colour palette, with high-contrast black and white for maximum impact. Normally, we use Rationale red for our CTA, so the bottle top is the perfect place for this flash of colour to appear, as ‘open a bottle’ is the implicit CTA.


Inspired by the rich visuals of the drinks sector, we delivered a style for social media that contrasts our regular branded posts. We teased the launch of RationAle through motion graphics, social cards and carousels with bold punchy typographic and textural execution.

At launch, these were housed on a campaign specific landing page where we also explained our process and creative thinking.

What was the impact?

The RationAle campaign built a connection with our target audiences - our team and our clients. Following the launch of RationAle, our website engagement increased - with pageviews up 32% and visitors up 41%.

For our clients, we produced something tangible and experiential that will put our new proposition front of mind, showcasing our creativity. RationAle's teasers successfully piqued client’s curiosity, with several reaching out to ask what we were working on. We now share RationAles with clients at workshops as part of a new brand merch pack.

For Rationale, the RationAle campaign has more than delivered against our investment. It’s allowed our employees to come together and collaborate without limits. It’s been a project where everyone has an equal stake in its success - and now at Rationale, Friday beers are really something to be proud of.