Where Giants Roam




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Where Giants Roam


Where Giants Roam Launch Reel:

This is a place where the limits of reality no longer hold us back.

A place of collaboration. A place of creativity. A place where virtual photography, motion, and design cross paths. A place where worlds are created, and ideas are formed.

This is no ordinary place. This is a place where boundaries are pushed. This is a place of wonder, where anything is possible.

Come walk with us.

The story:

Where Giants Roam was launched in April 2021 as a full rebrand for the studio previously known as Render Studio. Celebrating its tenth year, the studio wanted a brand that portrayed who they were and what they did more effectively given how the studio had changed over its first decade. Freytag Anderson guided Where Giants Roam through the rebranding process, including a full name change. The launch reel was the first introduction to the new brand, showcasing recent work and giving the audience a glimpse into the creative input and added value the studio can give. A year later, the studio has doubled in size and increased client base, including extending their international reach.

Brand Identity: Freytag Anderson

Copy: Freytag Anderson / Iain Neville

Sound Design: Holkham

2D Motion: Ed Steadman