Bowmore Timeless Series




GRAPHIC: Packaging




Beam Suntory


The Bowmore Timeless series is designed to celebrate the distillery’s legacy: for over 250 years, Bowmore has insisted the secret behind their cherished whiskies is time: the careful selection of the right casks at the right time, the time it takes the liquid to reach optimum age and the time every master distiller needs to hone their craft.
The brief was to develop an ‘disruptive’ idea which encapsulated this idea of time. Our approach: to focus on Bowmore’s beach location and bring to life the idea of ‘Sands of Time’. The beach at Bowmore has been formed by time over centuries, much in the same way as the distillery’s whisky, and it is this notion which sparked the development of an hourglass. 
We decided to break away from traditional ‘square’ whisky packaging, to create standout and a genuine point of difference. Each box contains a small hourglass, and the sand in each takes three minutes to pass through it. 
When turned, it provides drinkers with three minutes to enjoy the ‘beautifully balanced’ nose of the whisky. Only after this time has passed can drinkers enjoy their first sip. This ritual is the embodiment of Bowmore’s philosophy.