La Rue Verte – Repackaging




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Too Gallus


La Rue Verte


Having working with La Rue Verte from its inception as a fledgling brand, Too Gallus has continued to consult and design for La Rue Verte as it has grown and expanded, now 2 years after launch La Rue Verte finds it's self standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the worlds most coveted brands.

Having focussed on a spa-based route LRV has won favour and accolades world wide for its combination of high quality skincare ingredients, CBD and design focussed ethos. 2021 sees La Rue Verte stocked in the Connaught Hotel - a flagship of luxury found in the heart of Mayfair London. As the Connaught redefines luxury in all it does, it was time for us too to redefine what luxury meant for LRV.

To coincide with the brands launch into such a prestigious hotel group Too Gallus reimagined the La Rue Verte packaging with all the Parisian decadence and luxury befitting of the brand. Starting with crafting a custom glass bottle mould which echoes the brands signifier "the fluer", these new heavy glass containers reflect current design trends of reeded glass and material opulence. Each container features an inlaid depression in which sits the label, running at the same height across the range to ensure all product labels align perfectly on shelf. All labels are printed on a recycled peach pulp paper, featuring a black gloss and gold foil emboss detail.


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