Patrick Hughes




Young Designer of the Year


It is my true belief that designers like Patrick Hughes come round once in a generation. With a skill set that stretches across typography, brand identity creation, art direction, motion, editorial design and strategy Patrick is a true master of his craft.

At only 25 years old Patricks skill leve, determination and meticulous attention to detail far outreaches his years of practice. His work contains a sense of calm confidence and maturity that many do not find until the senior years of their careers. Upon graduation from University Patrick was deservingly accredited with the title of MISTD with commendation (highest level achievable) from the international society of type designers.

Since joining Too Gallus as a junior creative his dedication and work ethic has progressed him through the ranks at lightning pace. Patrick has made himself invaluable and indispensable to the studio, throwing his full weight and effort behind every project. He has become the perfect right hand, always willing to help, lend expertise and has recently found himself leading both strategy and design projects.

Patricks has an innate ability to remain objective on any project he tackles, creating work not just that he likes but is perfectly befitting the client, whether that be clean and sleek fin-tech identities or light and floral bridal aesthetics.

It is my opinion that Patrick is a one of a kind in the industry, a true prodigy of his craft, and a designer with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.