COCO Chocolatier – The Art of Chocolate

Highly commended


GRAPHIC: Packaging


Freytag Anderson


COCO Chocolatier


Edinburgh-based COCO is very good at making chocolate. But they needed a clear brand position: their own unique space in a competitive industry. Initially, COCO was using geometric stock designs to wrap its chocolate bars. We felt that the relationship between art and chocolate could be built upon as a real point of difference at the heart of the brand. From this idea we developed the brand position ‘The Art of Chocolate’. Each COCO product is wrapped in specially commissioned original artwork by both established and emerging international artists. We felt it crucial to credit individual artists and artworks front and centre on the product creating a gallery caption inspired label construct. The rear label provides additional information about the artist, with a link to a dedicated bio page on the COCO website. It was also important to make consumers aware of the brand’s defining ethical credentials. We did this with a set of pictograms designed to work alongside the logo and brand.