(Y)our St Enoch, (Y)our Central and (Y)our Blythswood DRFs – District Regeneration Frameworks, Glasgow City Centre





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Glasgow City Council


The ultimate aim of these transformative District Regeneration Frameworks (DRF) is to set out a vision, projects, policies and practical action plans based on evidence and focused on enhancing quality of life and creating a healthy, thriving city centre for all.

Key drivers for change in (Y)our St. Enoch, Central and Blythswood DRFs are;

(Y)our Vibrant St. Enoch, Central and Blythswood: to create convivial city centre by achieving an more appropriate mix and density of city centre activities ensuring (Y)our City Centre has something for everyone; a place to live, learn, work, create, visit, play and enjoy! DRF demand significant increased city centre population, new community infrastructure / amenities and greater diversity to promote positive day-time and night-time economy.

(Y)our River Park: world-class linear urban park / public space along both banks of the River Clyde in St. Enoch DRF and beyond. A biodiverse, climate-change adaptive waterside destination connecting Glasgow Green to the Kelvin activated by events and play spaces, recreation and cultural activity for all ages in all seasons, all weather, all day, for all Glaswegians and visitors.

(Y)our Great Streets and Spaces: to transform city centre’s streets to become attractive, well-maintained, convenient connections for walking, wheeling and cycling with integrated biodiversity and public transport. Evidence confirms a current chronic imbalance between car / pedestrian space allocation. Complete re-evaluation of Glasgow’s amazing, historic grid is advocated to create a smart urban grid restoring and enlivening the city’s great streets / squares.

(Y)our Updated Mobility: to significantly enhance city centre’s public transport and active travel networks to create a sustainable, walkable and compact city. DRF data analysis and findings informed Glasgow’s Connectivity Commission.

(Y)our Urbanised M8: to reduce the impact and repair the severance caused by M8 urban motorway at Blythswood / Charing Cross. Restoring connections, reducing motorway’s land-take and ultimately transforming it to become an integrated multi-modal route for clean / sustainable transport connecting people rather than severing urban fabric. 

(Y)our Great Buildings: to respect/celebrate Glasgow's historic built heritage, and augment with highest quality contemporary design. These DRFs promote enhancement of character-specific areas, with emphasis on increased density, adaptability and durability by retrofitting underused buildings and innovative infilling of vacant plots. 

(Y)our Transforming St.Enoch, Central and Blythswood: to focus on action and delivery with agile policies and shared objectives to attract investment, secure funding and foster collaborative working outlined in practical/pragmatic DRF Action Plans.