(Y)our St Enoch, (Y)our Central and (Y)our Blythswood DRFs – District Regeneration Frameworks, Glasgow City Centre


The ultimate aim of these transformative District Regeneration Frameworks (DRF) is to set out a vision, projects, policies and practical action plans based on evidence and focused on enhancing quality of life and creating a healthy, thriving city centre for all. Key drivers for change in (Y)our St. Enoch, Central and Blythswood DRFs are; (Y)our Vibrant St. Enoch, Central and Blythswood: to create convivial city centre by achieving an more appropriate mix and density of city centre activities ensuring (Y)our […]

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Granton Waterfront


Granton Waterfront Development Framework offers a fresh approach to creating a vibrant, healthy and sustainable coastal quarter in Edinburgh. Granton is at the heart of Edinburgh’s Waterfront and its successful transformation holds the potential to reconnect the city to the Firth of Forth and to build on wider regeneration projects to transform Scotland’s capital into a unique waterfront city. The Development Framework sets out an ambitious place-based, inclusive approach to regeneration which positively responds to the climate emergency. It offers […]

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