Architecture Grand Prix

Leeds Playhouse


The Leeds Playhouse has been transformed by a radical reconfiguration and extension of the existing building to create a new face for the organisation and improve accessibility for all. Originally built to face a development that never materialised, the Playhouse had ended up turning its back on Leeds. The redevelopment brief was to re-orientate the entrance, reconnecting the theatre with the city. The need to make the building more accessible in every sense was fundamental to the Playhouse, as was […]

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The judges had this to say about this winning project:
“A lot to recommend. A well put together, accomplished and well-thought-through extension. A willful and charming use of colour which a lot of architects shy away from. It's welcoming and not too stuffy and will encourage diverse audiences. There's a big wow about it and it's socially important.The ceramic patterning brings something creative and innovative back to the street. It's a happy, joyous building. The most striking piece of design”

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