Architecture Grand Prix

Fielden Street


A landmark development which signals a gateway into the Camlachie neighbourhood; knitting together a historic industrial area and newer housing stock. This is the final phase of a 20-year programme of regeneration in the Camlachie area of Glasgow. Historically this was a busy industrial and residential area but de-industrialisation in the late 20th-Century led to its decline. Since then, West of Scotland Housing Association has constructed new housing to the east, around an original network of wide streets. To the […]

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Judges had this to say:
“So much affordable housing is dire. This reminds us we can do better. It says you can do low-cost housing that's not nasty. It's hard to do something interesting on a budget. They've achieved all of that. The articulation to the Street gives it strength. A lot of people would have kept it flat. I got excited. The hand of an architect who knows what they're doing. An eye for detail“