GRAPHIC: Promotional Literature

Thoughtwell Christmas Promotion


A Christmas cracker that does not bang. Given that 2018 marked 100 years since the end of the First World War we wanted to create our own tribute to that generation. Inside the cracker you will discover red poppy confetti, 2 British soldiers, 2 German soldiers and a message on a small sheet of classic writing paper. The usual snap band is replaced by a white ribbon that contains a verse from ‘Silent Night’ – the hymn famously sung by troops […]

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GSA Lookbook

Highly commended

GSA is embedded in Glasgow, and Glasgow is embedded in GSA. The school and the city strengthen each other.   In 2018 we created a living, developing, online map to track the alumni, networks and influence of the school.   We embedded pointers to this live map throughout the undergraduate/postgraduate recruitment campaign, making explicit the circular connections from Glasgow to the school, across its communication materials, and back out to the city.   With key parts of the GSA estate […]

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