ARCHITECTURE: Health Building or Project

Broadford Hospital, Skye

Gold Award

As the first health facility built in this community for over fifty-four years, the new Broadford Hospital (‘the Hospital’) was designed to BREEAM’s excellence standards, a holistic approach to development. It demanded focus on building sustainably, giving equal weighting to staff and patients as stakeholders, travel plans, positive social and economic impact, building for longevity and operational energy performance and maintenance. The result is a building fit for the entire community, “the facility has transformed healthcare in this rural community […]

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Linac + Admin Building , Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Silver Award

The new linear accelerator (LINAC) treatment facility provides accommodation for a new cancer assessment unit (and associated radiation-shielded bunkers) and Oncology administration offices. The project has been delivered within a live hospital environment, and physically links to the existing radiotherapy department, to enable inpatients to be transferred between departments. The design ensured the project could be delivered without disruption to any of NHS Lothian’s clinical services. The design of the building exploits the topography of the site. The heavy mass […]

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