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EO Charging Global Packaging

Gold Award

EO, one of Europe’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging solutions and fleet chargers, developed their global packaging system designed by Human Resources Studio. Founded in 2014, EO’s technology is used by many of the world’s largest businesses and fleet operators, distributing to over 35 countries Worldwide. They are on a mission to become the global leader in charging electric vehicles, working to create a new charging ecosystem that gives businesses and individuals the power of energy autonomy. The new […]

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Silver Award

Packaging design for TEAM DR JOSEPH: Sustainable proven certified natural skincare. Handmade in Italy, since 1986. The revised packaging shows a handful of carefully considered details from the revised wordmark, the introduction of a new insignia, typographic updates and material updates, including a new recyclable wooden cap and FSC recycled paper produced domestically in Italy. A detail we are incredibly proud of is the culmination of many hours of research and development to create the new flower detail on the […]

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