Chair’s Award for Design

Ebb & Upwell

Gold Award

Ebb & Upwell — borne from the cycles of the natural world. Portia Knight is an artist who creates breathtaking prints from an often overlooked source. Through the Victorian art of seaweed pressing, Portia creates stunning giclée prints from drift seaweed collected from the shores near her cottage on the north east coast of Scotland. From a source material that requires a keen eye and patience to forage, each unique pressing and print is the result of a carefully considered, […]

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Rod Gillies, Brand Director of Whyte & Mackay said:
"It’s a beautiful piece of work – a great example of something which seems simple in its final execution but was obviously the result of painstaking attention-to-detail and careful consideration. The colours, the layout, the materials, and that emboss detail – just stunning. And the accompanying work around the central design was also lovely – fresh and clean, giving the motif room to breathe. I never knew seaweed-pressing was a thing until I saw this, and now I really want to dive in and find out what it’s all about”